Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tutu Tuesday!

What a sweet little angel. . .

I did actually convince Little Miss Ava to wear her tutu dress!  And if I do say so myself,  she looked pretty darn cute!  And. . . although she was a little under the weather, she played the part of an angel also, saying "Trick or Treat!"  and "Thank You!"  It was a good afternoon!

Here is another tutu that I made recently for baby girl Zoey, set to make her debut in December!  It was made in the light pink sparkle tulle.  I think it turned out beautiful! 

Happy Tutu Tuesday!


  1. Hey sweetie. I would love to see your birthday photos:) I tried to email you back but it got shot back to me. Send me your favorite 5-7 with details in an email. THX!