Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Creative Challenge: HWTM 10 Year Hangover Anniversary Celebration!

 Jennifer Sbranti from Hostess with the Mostess is hosting a creative challenge for her 10 year anniversary party.  She is having a "Hangover" theme in Las Vegas and is using the movie for inspiration.  She has requested that her readers submit desserts in the theme of her party, using some specific key players such as the tiger, the rooster, poker chip, the missing tooth or the "man purse" aka satchel.  Here is a link to her challenge:


I chose to go with the Tiger theme.  My idea was to make a layered cake in the tiger stripe pattern.  Now, I am no cake professional, but I attempted this for this challenge on a a busy weeknight between dinner and Ava's nighttime routine.

I had one white cake mix, one container of chocolate icing and one container of cream cheese frosting.  Yes, for the sake of time, I used cake mixes and store bought frosting.  In an ideal world, I would have tripled the cake recipe so that my cake was very tall.  I used chocolate frosting with a little black icing tint to get a darker color.  The white cake mix was tinted to orange.  Once the cake had cooled, I split the layers at angles.  I spread the chocolate icing on those angled layers and then stacked the cake accordingly.  Once again, if I had more time, I would have frozen the cake to create a more definite line and to prevent cake crumbles from mixing with the chocolate frosting.  For the outside frosting, I mixed about a teaspoon of cinnamon with the cream cheese frosting to go along with the theme.  And, of course. . . to keep the tigers away from the cake!


 Like I said, I am no cake professional!  But, it was fun to do!  A true cake professional may do this:  Layer chocolate, white cake (tinted to orange of course) and butter cake (because it is a light tan) so that it is in a perfect tiger pattern.  The cake would be very tall, too, in order to show off the pattern.  Chocolate cake is hard to layer with other cakes because it is a more dense cake, so chocolate frosting or filling of some sort could take the place of the chocolate cake if needed.

I also believe that Jenn's husband should give a speech about how she joined his "one man wolf pack."  Haha - one of my favorite parts.

One more idea I had was to have sugar cubes carved into the shape of a tooth to represent the Stu's missing tooth.

Have a wonderful anniversary, Jennifer and I hope you enjoy many more together as husband and wife!

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