Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{Tutu Tuesday} A Beautiful Tutu for Emma!

This tutu was created for my friend Stacy's daughter.  Her name is Emma and she turned one last Friday.

Stacy is one of those mothers that is NOT into the color pink.  She likes feminine touches, but not too over the top.  I worked together with her to design Emma's nursery in the colors of sage and plum.  I think her nursery turned out beautifully!  Elegant, but not too feminine.

I also helped with Emma's first birthday decorations in the colors of light green and coral - NOT pink!  :) 

So, for Emma's first birthday present, I made her this tutu!  The color of tulle is called Amethyst.  Her mother picked out the color.  It is a lovely subdued grayish-lavender.  The flower is from Hobby Lobby and it works perfectly with the color of tulle.  (Tulle ordered from AngelBabes)

Every time I make a tutu, I think "Ava needs one in this color too!"  I thought that this time too. . .haha! 

Happy Birthday Emma!  Her party decor will be posted soon!


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